The Stone Hut

“Congratulations!  Your reservation request for the Stone Hut has been fulfilled!”  What a great way to close out the year as we embark on the 2018-2019 Snowboard season with a 2 Day Stowe Mountain, Vermont road trip from Brooklyn.  

I recommend driving up early am to avoid the morning commute and to get on the hill for 1st tracks especially not being a local Vermonter anymore…. My old Vermonster roommates who arranged the accommodations at the Hut arrived shortly after me around noon to get checked into The Hut. Once we settled in we shredded till about 3ish and then instead of driving off the hill to go home we bunkered in at the Top Of The Mountain!! 

Once the sun set off the hill and we gathered around a large farm house table in the center of the Hut.  It’s heated by a large wood burning stove and sleeps around 10 people. The one room space is perfect for close friends to enjoy a few beers and catch up on the days shredding.  But being cooped up with no TV in the middle of the woods we decided to take advantage of the the outdoors and amazing landscapes and go explore. I have hiked to top of Mount Mansfield in the past during the day and its breathe taking to watch the sunset.  It was slightly overcast so we decided to check out the surrounding terrain. Found and old shack that locals have been hanging out in for decades. Not going to tell you anymore about or its awesome nickname and let you’ll find it for yourself.  We were lead to its destination by a “ghost rabbit” … Seriously…  After playing out in the cold I decided to hit the bunker early to take advantage of the sunrise and 1st track Shred Session. 

On the hill Accommodations by the Stone Hut and Ride Vermont.                Hit me up  anytime through the @lifevalet Instagram for questions about Vermont Shred Trips Tips.  

Congratulations!  Your reservation request for the Stone Hut has been fulfilled!”

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